The Couple’s Adventure – 85 Ideas to See, Hear, Taste, and Try in Florida

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This unique travel guide is the perfect companion for any couple looking to make the most out of a vacation, whether visiting from out of state or just looking for a new spot to try nearby! It includes all kinds of activities, including national parks, museums, restaurants, and even places to learn a new sport or hike somewhere beautiful. Our objective is to be useful to couples everywhere in ways no one expects from a guidebook.

  • Surprise included: Additional 500 ideas
  • North Florida: 159 ideas
  • Central Florida: 160 ideas
  • South Florida: 181 ideas
  • Pages: 618 pages
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Florida Travel Guide

This in-depth, eclectic travel guide to Florida offers couples everywhere the insider tips, tricks, and recommendations they need to experience the state like a professional.

You’ll find a wide range of fantastic options for any interest - gorgeous natural features worth a bit of a hike, quirky museums, places where you can craft something unique, jazz clubs sequestered in cozy basements, places to grab a bite to eat whether you’re looking for a black-tie dinner or just an outrageously good food truck, and more. We provide you with a little bit of everything, so you can plan the perfect trip for just the two of you.

The book’s listings are divided by category: things to see, hear, taste, and try. If you want to taste something new in North Florida today, simply flip to the delicious and fabulous dining options that we’ve collected for you in the area. Looking for something adventurous to do? Check out our list of things to try. You can make your way through the book and check off the ideas one by one, with your partner.

This in-depth, eclectic travel guide to Florida offers couples everywhere the insider tips, tricks, and recommendations they need to experience the state like a professional. Sites like parks, beaches, hotels, historical locations, Instagram locations, restaurants, and bars are featured throughout the state – from world-renowned attractions to quiet treasures hidden off the beaten path – providing you with a little bit of everything.

Bookmark your future and finally start planning a Florida trip that’s just right for you, effortlessly. We’ve done the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. Plunge yourself into the state’s gorgeous natural offerings, exotic wildlife, cross-cultural and traditional tastes, romantic sounds, and adventurous outings that abound in the tropical state right now.

Are you ready to get out there and travel to Florida? Surprise your partner with a thoughtful and personalized experience that they will remember for the rest of their life. Check out The Couple’s Adventure today!

How the book is organized

141 ideas to See

Seeing is believing, or so they say. What we believe is that seeing something brand-new with a significant other is something you will never forget. Whether it’s experiencing the aqua-blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico or the majestic manatees in the water around you, open your eyes and make memories together.

26 ideas to Hear

When we think of travel, we might not automatically think about our sense of hearing and what we can experience when we venture outside.

However, sounds are just as memorable as sights and tastes, which is why we dedicated a portion of this guide to the things you can listen to while you are exploring Florida.

218 ideas to Taste

Your mouth deserves the same adventurous experiences around the state of Florida as your eyes and ears! That’s why we’ve provided you with 218 culinary recommendations that will help you get a well-rounded taste of the state of Florida. As a state with access to pristine seafood, expect to eat well and often, indulging in whatever marine cuisines you prefer.

200 ideas to Try

We’ve saved the most adventurous tips and recommendations for last! In this chapter, we are going to provide you with ideas that require you to actually do or try something unique, like staying at a themed hotel, or immersing yourself into a specialized pool that’s refilled every day. They range from activities as mild as painting a picture to as wild as jumping out of a plane.

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